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Credit Cards


UMassFive offers two outstanding Credit Card options for our members: Rewards Visa® Signature and Low Rate Visa® Platinum.

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Earn points on every purchase, and choose how you'd like to be rewarded!
Featuring our lowest rates to help you save money.
Find your Features.     Signature Card      low rate card
Minimum Credit Limit $5,000.00 $500.00
No Annual Fee
EMV Enabled for enhanced security  ★
Mobile Wallet Compatible
1.5 Points earned on All Purchases*  
Our Lowest Rate  
No Foreign Transaction Fees  
Visa Signature Concierge  
Lost Luggage Reimbursement**


* uChoose Rewards points accumulate automatically for all card purchases, and post at the start of each month. Points can be redeemed for rewards at any time via Online or Mobile Banking. Balance transfers and cash advances not eligible for points accumulation. See uChoose terms & conditions for additional information.

** See Guide to Visa® Signature Benefits for summary of coverage.