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Personal & Specialty Loans

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A Loan for Every Occasion


At UMassFive, we get it. Every situationevery memberis unique. That's why we have created a wide range of specialty loans, so we can meet your individual needs. 

From computer loans, to loans meant to build your credit, we've got you covered.


Vacation Loan Special 

Looking to make the most of your summer plans?  Our Vacation Loan special offers the perfect solution with its flexible rates and terms.

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Personal Loans

Personal loans have a fixed monthly payment that can be used for a wide variety of borrowing needs.

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Personal Line of Credit

Payment is recalculated each month as a percentage of the outstanding balance.

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Credit Builder Loan

Loaned funds are immediately deposited into the member's Primary or Secondary Savings Account, and placed on hold for the duration of the loan. Once the loan has been repaid, the hold is removed, and the funds are made available to the member

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Computer & Technology Loan

For the financing of phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, & all associated accessories. (printers, routers, etc.)

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Share Secured Loan

A Share Secured Loan is guaranteed by the balance in your Savings Account (Basic, Money Market, or Term Share Certificate). Your savings balance must be equal to or greater than the amount loaned, and any loans that are secured by a Term Share Certificate must be repaid before the certificate matures. Funds used as collateral for the loan will be placed on hold for the duration of the loan's term.

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