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Rewards Visa® Signature


Earn Points, Redeem However uChoose®.

With UMassFive's Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card you earn points with every one of your purchases. Best of all, there's no limit to how much you can earn!

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uChoose How You'd Like to be Rewarded!

With uChoose rewards* there's no revolving rewards, no guessing—earn 1.5 points on every $1 spent that you can cash in for travel, events, gift cards, or simply cash back!

Exclusive Travel Features 

With exclusive features like No Foreign Transaction Fees, Lost Luggage Reimbursement, and Visa Signature Concierge, the Rewards Card is a must-pack item for your next destination. Plus, with My Cards within Online and Mobile Banking, you'll have access to on-demand controls for your credit card. Restrict usage to a specific geographic location, and instantly share your travel plans with UMassFive.

No Annual Fee

UMassFive will not charge you an annual fee for either of our credit cards.


    Trusted Security

    We take security very seriously. Our credit cards have the following enhanced security features to protect you against fraud:

    • My Cards is built inside our Online Banking and Mobile Banking app. It allows you to turn your credit card on and off, set spending limits, and even restrict use of the card to a specific geographic GPS enabled location.
    • Visa Real Time Purchase Alerts. Receive a text or email alert each time you swipe your UMassFive Credit Card.
    • EMV Chip technology. 
    • Verified By Visa. Designed to help you keep your transactions and personal information safe.
    • Note: When your Visa credit card is being used in an unusual location or manner, we take notice. Please let us know about your travel plans, such as vacations, to avoid any service interruption. The following phone numbers may call you if fraud is detected on your account:

    Rewards Visa Signature Card Rate



    Annual Percentage Rate Max Term Limits
    Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card 18.00% Revolving $25,000.00



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    * uChoose Rewards points accumulate automatically for all card purchases, and may be redeemed for rewards at any time via Online or Mobile Banking. Balance transfers and cash advances not eligible for points accumulation. Cash Back redemption rate valued at: 0.01 per point. See uChoose terms & conditions for additional information.