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Specialty Savings

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Savings for your tomorrow.


From picking up a few extra classes, to retiring comfortably—whatever you're looking forward to—we've got a savings account to help you get there.

When you join UMassFive, you'll automatically get a Base Savings Account to house your $5 stake in the Credit Union.


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Coverdell Education Account

Saving for a big expense like Higher Education may seem daunting, but we’ve got lots of options to suit the needs of your family. Best of all, with a low minimum deposit of $500, you can be on the path to saving and earning a great rate sooner than you may have imagined!

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Holiday Club Account

A great way to manage your budget around the holiday season is to plan in advance. We have created a savings account where you automatically deposit a set amount each pay period leading up to the holiday season to help you save.

Don’t worry; you'll avoid temptation because this account won't allow you to prematurely withdraw funds! At the end of September, we'll automatically transfer the balance into your checking or savings account for you to start holiday shopping.

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IRA Savings Accounts

Saving for retirement is important, and we’ve got lots of options to help you do it. We offer both Traditional and Roth IRA accounts to help you invest in your future.

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UMassFive is an awesome place...With a savings account, Christmas club, and home equity line I have assisted my girls through college, maintained a wonderful home, traveled, and made the best memories...they always take the time to sit, explain, answer questions. There is no place like this place.

- Doreen G.