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Enrolling in eStatements is always free.

Let’s be honest—Most of us aren’t used to holding on to physical papers anymore. When your statement comes in the mail, it’s probably going straight to the shredder after you’ve looked it over.

You’re already using Online Banking, so why not have your statements delivered in the same place?


Simple Enrollment

To enroll and view your statement electronically, you must be enrolled in Online Banking first. Upon enrolling and logging into Online Banking, click on Online Statements under the Services section of your accounts page.

Faster Delivery & More Secure

Your statements will arrive faster every month than they would by mail, and you’ll automatically archive and be able to view up to 18 months of statements (without even buying a filing cabinet). We save money when we’re not mailing you a bunch of paper—that means we can give you more competitive rates and other money saving services—it’s simple.

Please note that you will only be able to view eStatements for UMassFive accounts linked your User ID. Beyond your account statements, opting in for eDelivery also means you will receive account notices and loan statements digitally.