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Optional Credit Life & Disability Insurance

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UMassFive offers MEMBER'S CHOICE® Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance to our members to help cover them when help is needed most. This coverage comes from CUNA Mutual, which is an insurance company formed through the Credit Union National Association, the premier national trade association serving credit unions.


Help cover your loans with Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance. Credit Life Insurance helps reduce or pay off your loan if you or a co-borrower (depending on who enrolled in coverage) dies before the loan is repaid. Credit Disability Insurance will help make monthly loan payments to UMassFive if your income is suddenly lost due to a covered accident or illness resulting in total disability. Each claim event will be reviewed on its own merits. Refer to your policy for the list of exclusions, limitations, and maximums.

Underwritten by CUNA Mutual.

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