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Member Newsletter 2024 V2

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Compass program

Meet Your Money Guides

We’re thrilled to celebrate our Compass Financial Pathways program, which offers our members access to free financial coaching from a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor, AKA our Money Guides!

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Woman looking at savings options

Credit Union News:

Focus on Savings Options

Take a step up from standard savings accounts with a Money Manager or Money Manager Plus account.

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Navigating the new Beneficial Ownership Rule

Business Spotlight:

Navigating the new Beneficial Ownership Rule

A new reporting requirement mandated by the passage of the federal Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) will require most existing and newly formed non-exempt businesses to report information about their beneficial owners to the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Networks (FinCEN)

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Woman using card controls while traveling

Security Spotlight:

Take Control of Your Cards While Traveling

With UMassFive’s app integrated card controls, you have the tools available right at your fingertips to make summer travel with your credit or debit card worry-free!

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Retirement plan

Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From?

What workers anticipate in terms of retirement income sources may differ considerably from what retirees actually experience. For many people, retirement income may come from a variety of sources.

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Cait Murray with Drive Donations

Community Involvement:

Personal Care Items Drive

During the month of May, our Hadley, Northampton, and Springfield Mercy Medical Center branches will be holding a Personal Care Items Drive to benefit our local survival centers.

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Remote banking options

Technology Spotlight:

Expanding our Remote Banking Options

Sometimes making it to a branch can be tricky—that's why we offer our members multiple remote banking options. 

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Make the Most of Your Summer

With our Vacation Personal Loan Special!


Buy a home without putting anything down?

Yes you can!