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Holiday Club Savings


Be a hero for the holidays.

Sometimes it seems like the holidays just sneak up, and before you know it your credit card limits are a little stressed. Take some pressure out of the holiday season and automatically set aside funds all year, so you'll never have to pass up that perfect gift.

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Remove Temptation:

Designed with a single purpose in mind, Holiday Club Accounts automatically transfer their balance once a year on September 30 to your Checking or Base Savings Account.

Stay Organized

Set up automatic transfers to make saving for the holidays simple!

Holiday Club Account Rates

Minimum Balance to Open Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
$5 0.05% 0.05%
Rates subject to change at any time. Rates effective as of April 5, 2024.

This interest-bearing account requires a minimum balance of $5. Dividends are compounded and credited monthly.