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Co-op Points


Get More From Your Membership with Co-op Points

The more you get involved, the more Co-op Points you earn. You can then use them for big rewards on some of UMassFive's most desired products and services.

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As a non-profit cooperative financial institution, participation by our members is how we succeed. Co-op Points* were designed to reward members and businesses for participating in the cooperative. You are automatically enrolled at account opening so you can start earning points right away.


Lower Rate on a New Loan!

Members can lower rates on most† new consumer loans with UMassFive, up to 0.50%† (this includes Auto loans, Solar loans, Personal loans, and more).

Raise the Rate on a New Term Deposit Certificate!

Members and businesses can increases rates on a new consumer Term Deposit certificate, up to 0.25%.

Waive a Service Charge!‡

Members and businesses can waive many of the priced services we offer (examples include money orders, overdrafts, rushing a debit card replacement that needs to be mailed, and much more). Please reference our member and business service prices schedules to better understand which items can be waived through our Co-op Points program.

Service Price/Point Redemption Values

Service Price Amount Points Needed‡
< = $5 250 pts
> $5 and < = $10 500 pts
> $10 and < = $20 1,250 pts
> $20 and < = $30 1,500 pts
> $30 1,750 pts

Redeeming your Co-op Points is simple. Members can reach out to our Contact Center or speak with any UMassFive staff member to apply Co-op Points to any qualified product or service.

Co-op Points are transferable to other members and accounts. Members often do this with family members, colleagues, or even friends. Businesses are able to transfer points from their personal accounts to their business accounts, and vice versa.

While each primary membership has their own Co-op Points account, any joint owners of the membership can also redeem or transfer Co-op Points without the need to gain permission from the primary account owner.

*For disclosures and additional details, visit here.