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Wire Transfers

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The UMassFive Routing Number is 211880271.

This number can be used in conjunction with your member number to set up direct deposits with your employer or arrange for automatic payments to merchants from your accounts (also known as ACH payments). Please note below that when conducting Wire Transfers, additional information is needed.

Wire Transfers are a safe way to move money between accounts in different financial institutions. You can request an outgoing Wire from UMassFive by visiting one of our branches. A wire fee is incurred for this service. 

UMassFive accepts incoming Wire Transfers, and collected funds may be wired out domestically or internationally. All information presented must be written legibly in English. Wire Transfers occur only on business days (Monday - Friday), not including Federal Holidays.

Domestic Wire Transfers must be received during business hours before 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to be processed that day.

International Wire Transfers must be initiated during business hours, Monday to Friday during business hours before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, to be processed the same day. Timing of wires is subject to location hours, with our Contact Center being the earliest option at 8:00 a.m. The maximum amount of money that can be wired internationally on any given day by an individual member is $10,000. Please note that the Credit Union must provide a member requesting an international wire transfer with a pre-payment disclosure at the time of the transfer request. This disclosure will list the amount of money to be transferred, the exchange rate (please note we do not exchange foreign currency), all fees associated with the transfer, and the amount of money expected to be delivered abroad. UMassFive must also provide a receipt when payment is made so please plan on remaining in the Branch until the wire is completed. The wait time could possibly be up to 30 minutes.

Domestic Wire Transfers are generally completed within two business days; international transfers take longer. International wires being received by UMassFive do not require a SWIFT code - our Routing Number is equivalent to the SWIFT code. To comply with the Bank Secrecy Act Travel Rule, we must obtain the name and address of the beneficiary for all wire transfers.

When instructing another institution to wire funds into your UMassFive account, they will need:

Receiving Institution:EasCorp, Burlington, MA 01803
ABA Number 211391773
Beneficiary Institution:UMassFive College Federal Credit Union
Account Number 211880271
Final Beneficiary:Your Name
Your Address
Your Account Number

When instructing UMassFive to send your funds by wire to another institution, we will need:

  • Your name, member number, and share type from which to withdraw the funds and fees
  • Receiving bank name with ABA Number and address
  • Intermediary bank name with account number and address (if applicable)
  • Final beneficiary name with account number, address, and any special instructions
  • SWIFT Number, IBAN Number, or bank code (for international wire transfers only)
  • Purpose of payment (for international wire transfers only)

It is the member’s responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to process a Wire Transfer. A fee is assessed if the member requests research.