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How Do I Earn Co-op Points?

Earning Co-op Points

The more banking you do with UMassFive, the more Co-op Points you are able to earn. Points are either earned automatically or with certain products and services:

Co-op Points Earned Automatically!

• 1 Point for every $1 of dividends you earn on Savings Accounts, or Checking Accounts
• 1 Point for every $1 of interest you pay on most UMassFive loans
• 1 Point for every $10 you spend using your Debit Card for purchases
• 500 Points for every year you are a member at UMassFive

Co-op Points with Products & Services!

• 500 Points for becoming a member at UMassFive
• 500 Points for referring a family member, co-worker, businesses, or centers of influence
• 500 Points for using Online Banking Bill Payer (after the first bill is paid)
• 500 Points for making the first automatic payment or ACH on a UMassFive loan (excludes mortgages, student loans, credit cards, lines of credit, and commercial loans)
• 500 Points for opening a CU Student Choice Loan**
• 1000 Points for an initial consultation with one of our Financial Advisors §'
• 2500 Points for opening a Mortgage

• 2500 Points for opening a Commercial Loan
• 2500 Points for meeting a goal set by a UMassFive Money Guide.


How Do I Check My Co-op Points?

View the Co-op Points Large print disclosures