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Home Energy Conversion Loan


An interest-free loan to assist South Hadley residents in the costs associated with energy-efficient improvements.

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Want to make some energy-efficient improvements around the house?

If you're looking to update your outdated heating or cooling system with an energy efficient system, South Hadley Electric Light Department (SHELD) has partnered with UMassFive to help you finance a more efficient home.


Unfamiliar with cooperatives?

All of our members who bank and take loans through UMassFive aren’t just customers—they’re partial owners of our institution. There’s no investors outside of our members putting their money into the credit union, so there’s also no one else taking any profit. Any profits we make, we return to our members in form of higher dividends, and lower rates on things like personal loans for musical instruments.

In order to borrow from us, you will need to become a member, which includes a one-time reservation of your $5 stake in the cooperative. 

Here's how you can get started

  1. Contact SHELD directly at 413.536.1050 to set up a free expanded audit/heat pump consultation. By doing this, you will obtain authorization from SHELD to apply for financing through UMassFive.

  2. Once you’ve met with SHELD, click here to apply online or give us a call at 800.852.5886 to continue the application process.

Home Energy Conversion Loan Rates

Annual Percentage Rate Max Term Limits
0%* 84 Months $10,000.00

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. To avoid delays in application processing, UMassFive recommends receipt of a Home Energy Conversion Authorization Form that has been completed by SHELD prior to application. A completed Authorization Form that has been approved by SHELD is required to close. Final approval is conditional upon your satisfying any applicable criteria bearing on your creditworthiness, including income, employment, and any other information you may provide on your application.

Get started today!